Sweet & Salty Chocolate


Chocolate Covered Popcorn Box from 3 Sisters Chocolate. Savor the sensation of rich silky chocolate melting into hot buttery popcorn and you discover 3 Sisters Chocolate most popular chocolate creation!

The secret to this wonderful sensation is the freshest, fluffiest popcorn that is seasoned to perfection and completely drenched in the finest quality blend of luscious chocolate.

20 oz of milk chocolate covered popcorn.



Chocolate Covered Popcorn Bag from 3 Sisters Chocolate.

We have reduced the size of our most popular chocolate creation — Chocolate Covered Popcorn! Now available in this easy to carry, individual 4 oz bag.

We start with freshly popped fluffy popcorn and drench each kernel in our rich creamy milk chocolate. The perfect combination of salt and sweet.



Our Chocolate Covered Potato Chips start out as salty ruffles potato chips. We then cover both sides ofe each potato chip in our creamy milk chocolate.

Packaged in a purple diamond cut box finished with a purple bow. 10 oz of pure sweet and salty! Made in our Jacksonville, FL candy kitchen.


Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bits from 3 Sisters Chocolate. This is a customer favorite.

Would you ever throw out a pretzel because it was broken? Well, neither would we! We take the broken pretzels and coat them in that sweet, creamy, velvety concoction we all know and love, 3 Sisters Chocolate milk chocolate, and put them in an economically priced bag for your munching pleasure.

Consists of pretzel rods and pretzel twists. Each bag weighs approximately 4 ounces.


Sluggers Chocolate and Caramel Covered Pretzel Rods. 3 Sisters Chocolate took one of our customer favorites, the chocolate covered pretzel rod, and stepped it up a notch!

We start by making rich, buttery caramel in our old-fashioned copper kettle. Each salted pretzel rod is then dipped in our homemade caramel. Next, the caramel-dipped pretzel rods are drenched in a layer of milk or white chocolate. Wait…..there is more. The chocolate-caramel pretzel rods are then sprinkled with either:

  • Mini M&M’s
  • Peanut Butter Chips
  • Pecans
  • Dried Cranberries (white chocolate)

Finally, each chocolate pretzel rod is then lightly drizzled with white chocolate.


Sweet and Salty Chocolate Gift Set. An all-in-one gift set of chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered popcorn. All drenched in our creamy milk chocolate. Perfect gift for the sweet and salty chocolate lover.

3 different options. Select from:

  • Chocolate Covered Ruffles Potato Chips (6 oz.) and Chocolate Covered Pretzels (9 oz.)
  • Chocolate Covered Ruffles Potato Chips (6 oz.) and Chocolate Covered Popcorn (5 oz.)
  • Chocolate Covered Popcorn (3 oz.), Chocolate Covered Potato Chips (6 oz.) and Chocolate Covered Pretzels (4 oz.)

chocolate dipped pretzels gift box

Our Chocolate Dipped Pretzels Gift includes 12 delicious pretzels dipped in our creamy milk chocolate. Each gift includes an assortment of dipped pretzels with peanut butter, coconut, sprinkles and M&M toppings.

Perfect for the chocolate pretzel lover!