White Wedding Cake with Stargazer Lilies

White Wedding Cake with Stargazer Lilies from 3 Sisters Chocolate & Bakery.Custom Cake Ordering

This White Wedding Cake with Stargazer Lilies from 3 Sisters Chocolate & Bakery includes four eloquent, fondant tiers with a black ribbon around the base of each tier. The corners of each layer are decorated with Stargazer Lilies as well as the top.

You may customize this wedding cake to reflect your personal style by choosing a different color scheme, or adding or subtracting layers. You may also choose any combination of our 15 wedding cake flavors and 15 filling flavors.

Wedding Cake TastingThis is just one of many different wedding cakes that we can create for your special day.

Contact our bakery team in Jacksonville, FL today for your special wedding cake.

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  • Email us: sales@3sisterschocolate.com

NOTE: All sculpted, custom cakes are shown as out-of-stock on the website. Each of these cakes can be ordered as-is or changed to meet your specific needs. Call our store at 904.262.9122 to order your special occasion cake.

Our Cake Flavors

Almond      White Vanilla Butter Pound
Strawberry        Coconut Cream   Lemon
Pineapple         Chocolate Red Velvet
Carrot Rum Kahlua
Marble Orange Dream Grand Marnier

Our Cake Fillings

Almond Buttercream       Strawberry Raspberry
Coconut Cream          Cream Cheese Amaretto
Chocolate Chocolate Almond White Chocolate Cream Cheese
Chocolate Mint Chocolate Mocha Cookies and Cream
Chocolate Ganache French Strawberry Cream   Key Lime Cream Cheese

Note: Custom cakes cannot be shipped.

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